Piracy zindabad

Its hardly few weeks since Aravind Adiga's novel 'The white tiger' won the man booker price. Starting this week I am getting emails from vendors like indiaplaza.in, Crossword etc. about the deals/discounts they are offering for the book. While I was pondering which deal to go with, got a huge shock when I went out for lunch today. The pirated version of the book is already available on roadside shops for 145 rupees (check photo below).

In countries like India, piracy spreads faster than the original version. When are we going to realize the importance buying original copies or start innovating around piracy?

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Unknown said…
Hi Anna,

I already bought the original copy of this book from Crossword few weeks back and I am rading it. It is a very nice book.

Shocking to see the pirated books in market now itself.

Thats good to know. I have already seen about it in your LinkedIn apps update. Its another great step by LinkedIn to rope in good apps.
Anonymous said…
Completely agree. It is shocking. What is more shocking is the number of people (seemingly well educated, knowledgeable) who throng these places. These same people walk out of the pizza hut next door paying a 500 rupee bill on a lunch, but hesitate to spend money on original books. I really can't blame the person who sells, he probably has a family to feed and three hundred other issues. But as long as demand exists, I think it would be tough to curb such problems.

- Ratheesh Pisharody
Anonymous said…
Forget about what the poor fellows on the street sell....you can get a nice PDF from this site:

interestingly, this "Smart Alec" is using Adsense. I complained to Adsense about violation of their policies, but the Google Ads as well as the article still stays. All I have got a response from Google mentioning that I should file a written complain and fax it to them, then they will forward it to some copyright organization.

Why blame those poor fellow trying to earn something on the street, when even big corporates like Google are not willing to take it seriously.
zo said…
pirated copies may be the only kinda copies an average-earning-book-hungry-man can afford: nice post( other posts included)

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Hi Mr Jayakumar Balasubramanian,

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Anonymous said…
Piracy is "the customer's way of telling the corporate fatcats that they're charging us too much for low-quality shit" - be it movies, music or books.
india mein sab kuch chalta hai. Piracy i guess is okayed to get more reach and on the other side they will also endorse to ban piracy. I guess they just complement eachother. there are so many of our well earned friends who buy the paper back edition

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