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Presentation on High performance entrepreneurship

Got the link for this presentation from one of the blogs. Summarizes important aspects of entrepreneurship.

Landmark Forum - Part III

Please read my previous posts about Landmark Forum ( Part I and Part II) before reading this one. In the past few weeks, I have been getting multiple comments for my posts about Landmark forum. Here is the summary of those comments: The landmark forum provides spiritual dimension to an individual. It helps the attendees to lead a peaceful life with full of self-expression. Why are you commenting on it? Today's world is filled with misery, where people are selling anything and everything. If we can tolerate a phone-call from a credit card salesperson, why not a spiritual/self development course like Landmark forum, Art-of-living etc? I think the commentors didn't completely understand the point I was trying to convey. It is not my intention to criticize these organizations or courses and say they are of no use. My take is to learn, understand and internalize them and practice in real life. Also understand that 'transformation' is a journey, rather than an instant caps