Infosys and TOI

Not sure why every other news about Infosys covered by TOI. Some samples:

MTR won't cater to Infosys, Wipro anymore

Hardware, Software and Parenting

The first one talks about MTR pulling out of providing catering services at Infosys and Wipro. And I clearly remember another news in TOI (not able to get the link) when MTR was given the contract in Infosys. My question is simple -- whats the big deal? There are many other companies in Bangalore, where cateres change every now and then for many reasons. Does it worth publishing it? These things are not necessarily unique about Infosys.The second one is even funny. It talks about a intranet portal launched at Infosys for providing parental guidance to their employees. This also just another gimmick from TOI. Many of the MNCs operating in India have much advanced counseling and networking platforms regarding many life issues like stress management, maintaining work-life balance, parental issues etc. In fact my organization has appointed 1 to 1 help for providing such services.

I have high regard and respect for Infosys and Narayana Murthy for the work they have done so far. Every middle class educated Indian is proud of the achievements by Infosys. That doesn't mean that anything and everything they do should be glorified. What difference it is going to make if I get to know that MTR is not serving in their employee centeen? More than Infosys, it shows the cheap news that TOI is publishing to fill-up their business column by using tags like "Infosys, NRN".

In future I wont't be surprised if TOI has a news titled "Infosys provides computers to every employee" :-(

Long live TOI and their excellence in journalism.

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//TOI has a news titled "Infosys provides computers to every employee"//
toi finding less news in India, it seems :)
Unknown said…
On a lighter note, TOI is not even as useful to an individual as a TOIlet paper. :)

There are enough number of things in India to cover. Papers like TOI don't have proper journalists to cover them.


Thats an interesting comment ;)
Raviraj K said…
Well MTR not catering Infy or wipro, may not be a big news if you think from Infy's perspective. But if you think form MTR's perspective it's a big thing .. they stopped serving their biggest clients .. isn't it ?.. what if the news is like , "Infy stopped serving GE ", ur reaction definitely won't be similar .. :)
I agree with your viewpoint. But its not to important to be published in the business section of TOI. It can focus on far better topics rather than publishing them just for the heck of doing it.
Ram said…
A paper twined with masala and gimmicks!, that's all I can say about my experience with TOI.

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