Marketing : According to Dilbert

Came across this interesting picture which reflects my current thinking.

May be Dilbert put is too bluntly calling Marketing as a 'fraud'. In reality (based my real time experience) it doesn't matter how great a particular product/service is. It is all about how well it can be marketed and sold to customers. Business/Entrepreneurship happens when the customer signs a cheque and nothing else is more important than that.


Customer signing a check is where rubber meets the road. But beyond that reality sets in. You have to keep that customer, get more customers and get your customers to talk about you. Those things won't happen with fraud tactics. So, focusing on the first check is too short sighted and it won't take an entrepreneur far. To succeed, you still need a great product/service.

PS - I am a big fan of dilbert
Completely agree Bala!

I have come across many Entrepreneurs (tech kids) who believe that their "cool" product/service is what it takes to build a great company and completely lack the business/commercial side of the game. My primary intent was to communicate that message.

In a long term perspective, its very important to offer a great product/service. In fact that is what becomes a strong "brand" in the long-run.

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