IT returns filing

This year's IT return filing process went like a breeze. The IT department has put up wonderful online FREE filing system, which worked perfectly. Promptly received ITR-V by email, in form of read only PDF document. In order to get it stamped, they opened up additional counters in Institute of Engineers building (opposite to Indian express, near Shivaji Nagar) exclusively for private companies (check the picture below). Ample amount of space,volunteers and guidance was available to help people, who are filing returns using printed forms. Within 5 minutes I was able to get the acknowledgment from the counter allocated for my organization.

In case you have done it yet (BTW, today is the last day for filing) here are the steps to file it online:
  • Open the site
  • Register for user (give the user id also as a PAN number).
  • You will receive the registration mail.
  • Login to the site with the credentials provided in the mail.
  • Go to downloads menu.
  • Download ITR1 from Downloads.
  • Fill out all the details in the ITR form.
  • Validate each page General1, General2, TDS (fill either 21 or 23)
  • Click on Generate XML
  • Check the summary and click on 'Save XML'(which will save in the same location where the excel was there).
  • Open the site, click 'Submit return'
  • Upload the file and click on Upload. (Don't select the check box here, as it requires the Java run time updated)
  • You will see a message that it is successfully submitted.. if not error then go to (g).
  • Go to my profile menu -> my returns.
  • Select '2008-2009' and click 'Submit'
  • Click on the link 'Click here' to get the submitted ITR form or they would have already sent the copy to you.


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