In search of a good news paper

I have been living in Bangalore for the past 7 years but not able to find a good daily newspaper of my taste. During my school and college days I used to read Hindu, because I had much more time with me even though Hindu's political viewpoints doens't match mine. After coming to Bangalore I was not able to continue with Hindu, mainly because it was looking as if I am reading Chennai edition. Their business section was totally hopeless -- primarily focussing on manufacturing/auto industries, which I don't have any idea. Added to that almost all the job ads,events and happenings were Tamilnadu and Chennai centric and very less about Karnataka and Bangalore.

In order to feel more connected I had to choose TOI, which turned out to be a total crap. Other than some of their supplimentaries (Times Wellness, Ascent and Education times) and Sunday columns by Sashi Taroor, I don't see anything useful about it. Their daily supplimentary 'Bangalore Times' carrys semi-nude pictures almost every day and other Bangalore specific initiatives (Bang-on-bangalore, Times-of-voice etc..) didn't create even a small change to the City. Nowadays I hardly spend 5 minutes just to browse thro front page and business sections.

Not sure about Deccan Herald and Vijay Times though!


I completely agree on the lack of good newspaper. Whereas TOI is a tabloid, ET is a campus magazine. The journalistic value is pretty bad which I have blogged here.

I still get TOI for general half a minute scanning but mainly use Internet for news. Bangalore, strike that, India needs intelligent newspaper!
Unknown said…

Mint seems to be a good paper for Tech news. They have a Bangalore edition also. You can try that paper. I just subscribed one year Mint for Rs. 250 here.

You can read online at:
Yes Jambu! Mint seems to be a better newspaper for Tech and Biz. But the primary intention of this post is to highlight the lack of good general news paper for politics,current affairs and local news.

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