Embedding 'word of mouth' marketing inside products

One of my friends just got back from US and gave me a pack of stride chewing gum, which he bought there. More than the gum, their cover design fascinated me, because it embedded excellent word of mouth marketing messages (check out the pictures below).

Here are some of the interesting things I have learnt:
  • They have smartly used caption -- "The ridiculously long lasting gum",by mentioning "Good for you, bad for us".
  • Excellent sense of humor in their messages (even the cover cuttings include smile), while conveying the marketing message indirectly.
  • Asking customers to participate in conversation by logging new ideas into their website
  • Overall its a very interesting design, thus provides a reason for people to talk (crux of word-of-mouth marketing).
  • They have not spent anything extra to spread marketing message.
Embedding marketing messages along with a product is a great idea. Next time you buy a product (be it a chewing rum or gadget) watch out for its cover design, manuals, stickers and additional information they provide. It might convey a whole lot of marketing messages.

Check out this link to see more humorous stuff!


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