Book release : New Age Of Innovation

Last Friday there was a book release function held in Crossword Bangalore. Famous strategist and professor C.K.Prahlad and his colleague M.S.Krishnan launched the book and spoke about what new age of innovation is all about. For more details check out their website.

As businesses are growing globally, it becomes critical to provide a great 'experience' to each of their consumers. Every consumer is unique with their own choice and providing great experience comes with having proper offerings. This is what they call 'N = 1', where N denotes the unique customer experience. In order to provide a great experience, companies end up sourcing resources from multiple sources, which they call 'R = G'. Prof.CK quoted the famous example of Apple iTunes business model, built around their revolutionary product iPod. Every user of iPod has their own choice of music (Classical, Rock, Pop etc..) which is unique to him/her (N=1). In order to provide N = 1,Apple sources music contents (R) from many sources(G). The R = G phenomenon, is caused by connected global networks like integrated supply chain, social networking and on-demand applications.

After the brief introduction mentioned above, authors answered some of the questions asked by audience about US recession, cost effectiveness of Indian firms, innovation etc. Overall it was a well planned session (spanned for 45 minutes) with about 50 focused audience. (check out the picture below) I learned that there was a separate business session hosted in the evening, which I couldn't attend.

Got a copy of the book signed by the authors. Will read and post the review later. Anyways, many book review blog posts are pending, which includes:
  1. Search in secret India by Paul Brunton
  2. Satyagraha in South Africa by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
  3. Political history of Pakistan by Pa Raghavan (Tamil)
  4. Go kiss the word by Subroto Bagchi
  5. Business at the speed of light by Bill Gates
  6. Astronaut Sunita Williams by Aadadhika Shama and S.Seshadri


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