No more Indian apples?

How much globalization is good? Can we allow global players to come in essential areas like agriculture, food and fruits?

For quite some time I am not able to see Indian apples (especially himachal pradesh apples) in many of the retail shops like Reliance Fresh, More and Food world. Almost all apple shelves are occupied by Australian and Washington apples.

This news item claims that Washington apple is looking India as one of the potential markets. What will happen to Indian apple producers? Will they be able to compete with the global players or foreign companies will dominate the market?


Unknown said…
All these stems from the fact that we Indians are sick with inferiority complex. How many times have you chosen something by the tag 'Made in USA' over 'Made in India'?
Probably we should do a WOMMA selling the patriotism and feel good India to Indians. LOL (Ironic)

I agree with you. Anything made outside India (especially from USA) is perceived as a 'good' thing here. No amount of WOMMA can help here because we have been like this ever since the Britishers have ruled. It will take generations for us to come out of such inferiority complex. I am planning to write another post on this. Check it out and let me know your feedbacks.

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