Customer un-friendly SMS

I was trying to book a bus ticket thro’ by logging in the travel details into their site. After few minutes got the following SMS:

We have received your request. We will call you if we can arrange a ticket for you. For an urgent requirement you can reach us at our call center.

I found this message very irritating due to two reasons. First, I don’t want to hear “ifs” and “buts” when I am approaching for a bus ticket. Second my travel requirement is urgent. In fact most of the cases it is and getting bus tickets (especially over the weekends) is pretty difficult. On top of all where is the call center number?

The mobile advertising or status messages should be short but convey proper information. Unlike the one mentioned above.


Anonymous said…
I think that this post of yours is being unreasonable and nothing else.

Any customer understands that if you have accessed the net to ask for a ticket, you can surely get the call center numbers there too. Of course, unless, the customer is used to be being spoon fed. You expect someone to publish multiple call center numbers in 1 sms?

Can't you just be thankful that you were intimated by an SMS at least? Everyone's requirement is not urgent. Everyone doesn't wake up late for a ticket the way you did!

I think you work for redBus :)

My idea of posting this is to add some more information into the SMS and nothing else. According to me every customer need to be spoon fed, because the average customer needs every information to be provided without even asking for it.


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