How logical we are?

Its interesting to observe the way we Indians think!

We apply logic and build complex software. But forget to apply basic common sense in many aspects. Following are some simple examples from Bangalore:
  1. Nobody talks about laying proper roads to Bangalore International airport before opening it. The airport construction is complete now. But it takes more time to reach the airport by road than the flying time to Chennai. Out of the blue another set of activists, workers, media talk about 'What to do with HAL airport?'.
  2. The majority of the road traffic (during the office hours) is due to knowledge workers traveling to ITPL and electronic city. Yet the proposed metro rail route is not covering both the places.
  3. Always IT employees complain about not getting autos to reach their homes. Auto drivers complain about not getting 'savari' all the times. More demand, more supply! But still there is a problem.
  4. How come one third of cubbon road can be declared as 'auto lane', when autos are not contributing to 33% of traffic ?
  5. When an American engineer visits Bangalore counterparts, 10 engineers will come forward to help him setup the laptop (without even asking). When the fellow Indian IT engineer asks for help,all of a sudden we become inflexible, rude and self-centered.
  6. The road digging work never stops even in MG road. Multiple departments (Telephone, PWD, ISPs, BWSSB and now the great metro) will 'plan well' and 'dig sequentially'.

Do u have any more examples?


Anonymous said…
Hello. I really think that such sites like yours are very important for self-development for everybody. Thank you for yours work.

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