Yoga part II : Personal experiences

Its been two years I have been practicing Yoga. Typically I spend about 45 minutes which includes about 20 asanas followed by some pranayama breathing techniques. In this post I am sharing some of my personal experiences.

Its completely 'Experiential'

The first point I learned about Yoga is -- its completely experiential. No matter how many books, articles, blogs anyone read, it just can't even come closer to the real experience one gets while performing Yoga. Its hard for anyone to believe this as we are more used the traditional way of learning (reading/writing/sharing). For example, if somebody some information about a book, I will at least get 20% of what he is trying to say. The 20% can be "quantified" because the knowledge a book provides itself finite. In case of yoga, the paradigm is totally different as the performer is connecting to infinite knowledge within himself. I know I am sounding abstract and confused -- thats what I call it 'experiential'.

Out of the body experience

When continuously performing yoga over a period, I feel 'out of body' experience for a brief period of time. During this short duration I experienced the following:
  1. Breathing pattern comes into a particular rhythm
  2. The body becomes extremely light and feel as if I am a thread
  3. A very light amount of vibration/current throughout the body
  4. I could see myself as an external person and watch myself
These experiences are very much 'personal'.I don't want to give a philosophical or scientific explanation at this point in time (more on this later).

Feeling the 'oneness'

In my engineering days I have learned about Finite Automaton (FA) as a part of the computational theory. Basically the FA is a state machine consists of a finite number of states. On a state when a particular symbol acts, it transitions to a different state. This finite automaton is the basic model for computers and the brain also works in a similar model. According to my perception, I imagine brain as a Finite automata with 10 to the power of 15 states. When any external evenets (stimuli) occur on the brain, it moves to a different state by reacting. By doing yoga, it prepares us to react 'better' to these stimulis. This better reaction is seen in the forms of reduced stress, better concentration a nd higher energy. When I am in that 'better' state, I feel complete 'oneness' with the environment.

Learnings do happen internally

It is general view that we can only learn/perceive things though our five sensual organs. As a yoga practitioner I can definitely say, learnings do happen internally apart from the sensual organs. When an individual is connecting to his inner self tremendous learnings happens. This is mainly because one connects with the infinite world of inner imagination which normally we don't get oppurtunity to explore. I work as a firmware development engineer and couple of times I found solutions during my yoga session. I could really see the exact line in my C code and where exactly it needs to be fixed. Its hard to believe but trust me -- it happens!


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