BOOK REVIEW : Straight from the Gut

Author : Jack Welch
Price: 750 INR

This is autobiography of Jack Welch one of the very well known CEOs of the world. Initially the author talks about how he became the CEO of General Electric (GE) and talks some thing about his personal things as well. Things like 'Fix,sell or close' policy, which he applied to each and every divisions of GE, 'Churning bottom 15% people' has became alltime favorite of the business world. One simple lesson, which at least I learned from this book, is neither the organization nor the technology, will give lifetime employment for anybody in any hi-tech industry. Only working in a focused way for the customer will give that.

I got impressed with this book so much that I gave the same name to my blog :)


Unknown said…
What is interesting is the way he redefined the focus of different groups.

Remember that initially he wanted only the No1/No2 divisions in the company. Others were sold off. So, the divisions had to focus very narrowly, and maintain their top position.
Later on, (when the economy improved, I guess), no division wanted to be No1/No2. They all redefined themselves so that their target market was huge, and they could go after it. Wonderful strategy :).

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