Why do I write blogs?

There are ample reasons for anyone to flock into the blogsphere. Recently I came across some blogs with gobs and gobs of ‘negative’ contents focusing on 'controversial' topics. They quickly become popular as they get high hit-rate and copious comments. These blogs mainly express strong 'opinions' against some of the burning issues in the areas of religion, sex, creed, caste, racism, nationality, politics etc. Naturally they catch attention of readers -- as it has got to do with an individual’s emotions. Readers quickly tend to take stands and tempted to express their counter arguments.

According to me there are enough avenues to discuss about controversial topics as they are very well known. Especially in countries like India -- the media is given complete freedom to conduct debates, opinion polls, panel discussions to discuss flaming issues. Also at an individual level, most of these issues are 'no-control' problems and finding a solution is close to impossible. I am not against expressing an individual's opinions but it will not make any difference to anybody.

When I was thinking in these lines, I asked a question to myself: 'why do I write blogs?’. After contemplating for quiet some time, I came up with the following points:

  • I feel happy when I write.
  • Blogs provides a platform to share my knowledge with a bigger world.
  • I always wanted to write about 'positive' things to 'influence' rather than critiques. For example, blogs like 'Emergic' has influenced me to a larger extent.
  • Connect with like-minded people rather than the general mass.

Request: Can you please post your reasons for blogging?


ManishBajpai said…
"Connect with like-minded people rather than the general mass." -
Here I am. I think what connects us immediately is the article on ramsetu: http://sujaiblog.blogspot.com/
You can visit my blog to see whether there is some resonance in ideas.
R John Christy said…
Clear thoughts. Excellent expression. Very Positive.Influencing. Keep it up.
Anonymous said…
To share useful and good ideas with the friends...

And by veiwing some blogs it is helpful to know abt the present world related to It or polotics or ecomy... I will read this sort of blog only..

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