Tale of two Indias

In order to attend a training program, I visited another facility of my company, which happens to be a building with seven floors. Also it is one of the well planned and truly upto the global standard, somewhat similar to Singapore technology parks. During the break time I opened up the curtains and observing the surrounding areas. This is basically a very well constructed technology park (called as Bagmane Tech Park in C.V.Raman Nagar, Bangalore) and houses about 7000-10000 technology professionals.It was looking really great from the seventh floor -- well designed parking lots with about 1000 cars , clean and green surroundings, regulated traffic etc.(See the picture below).

When I turned another 30 degrees to my right, I got a big shock. Just next to the technology park there is a slum followed by a dumping yard (See pictures below).

The experience was really an eye opener for me as it clearly depicted two Indias. If I can call the first case as the ‘developed India’, what name should I give for the second one? Should I feel happy or sad?


Anonymous said…
Hi, I had a similar experience when I stay in Hotel Le Meridian in Mumbai close to the international airport. There too when I looked out of my room window from the 7th floor I saw a similar sight very next to the hotel. It is such a contrast and truly reminds us that there is lots to be done and we cannot wait for the government to do everything. Should corporates take up the cue and adopt a few slums and work on rehabilitation? Will that set a precedent for others to follow?

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