Think flat : An Infosys initiative

The infosys 'Think Flat' link

After reading the book 'The world is flat' by Tom Friedman, I am able to see the 'flat' word in many places. The funda behind the flat world goes like this: The invention of Internet and emerging countries like India, China, Russia and Brazil has literally made the world look flat. The 'open trade' policy has added about 3 billion people to the existing talent pool which is totally reshaping the world.
From Indian perspective Infosys is one of the companies benefited most because of this flat world. They have started the 'Think flat' blog (See the link in the beginning of the blog), where they are sharing their 'flat world' experiences with general public. This blog contains entries written by Nandan Nilekani and looks really cool. These kind of initiatives are very vital in promoting the 'Flat world' concept inside India.


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