Mindtree is going public

MindTree to raise $70M via IPO

Mindtree consulting is planning to raise 70 million USD in 2007, which is one of the long awaited public issues. Founded in 1999 by Mr.Ashok Soota along with senior executives from Wipro, this second generation mid-sized IT company has successfully sailed through the difficult '2000 bubble' times. I have been observing this company for quiet some time feel their IPO will open door for another 'wealth-creation' drive because of the following reasons:
1. Compared to other services companies Mindtree have their 'Services + Consulting' combination working for them, which is the next big thing. By being an early mover in the consulting space mindtree has created a strong and robust business model.

2. The senior leadership team are from Wipro but with an 'Infosys' mindset. They believe in shared wealth creation and sharing it with the society. By design they have made that the company is no-one's property. This has already created a unique brand both inside and outside the tech industry.

3. Being a mid-size company, they can be more agile when it comes to serving customers.

4. Mindtree is one of the very few indian companies to demostrate their 'innovative' behaviour by demonstrating the 'component ownership model'. Their indegeneously designed chip (Which is designed for mobile phones) has already caught the attention and will play a major role in the company's future.

So, this is a MUST PICK stock which is having a very good long term potential.


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