The ‘AND’ phenomenon

For quiet some time my mind is thinking about this ‘AND’ phenomenon wherever I go. It may sound very abstract but I could feel this pattern in almost every walk of life. Let me give some examples:

1. In his bestselling famous book, ‘Built to last’ author James Collins talks about successful habits of Visionary companies. The author has observed that these visionary companies are having a great ‘Vision’ at the same time have strong ‘Action’ towards the vision. So the ‘Vision AND Action’ is important for any organization to be successful.

2. Another bestselling book ‘Seven habits of highly effective people’, author Stephen Covey talks about ‘Dependence’ and ‘Independence’ of human beings. In the initial stages human beings were ‘dependent’ on each other and promoted collective living and sharing. But after some centuries the ‘independent’ paradigm started, driven by various ideologies. In this book the author argues, in this knowledge area there is another new paradigm emerging called ‘Interdependence’. In this new paradigm human beings needs to be independent ‘AND’ collaborate with others to share knowledge as knowledge is in abundance.

3. The eastern part of the world is comparatively old to the west. The thought process has matured in the eastern world long time ago. This can be easily seen in looking into ancient Indian philosophy which is in the form of Vedas, Upanishads and various scriptures. By deeply understanding this philosophy one can answer the ‘Why?’ part of the human being’s existence and intellectual wealth. In sharp contrast the western world has invented excellent management methods. This has helped them to build excellent materialistic wealth and answers the ‘How’ part of the human existence. From an individual’s standpoint the ‘Intellectual AND materialistic’ wealth is important today.

Are we proceeding towards some kind of ‘Unification’?


Mohan said…
Hi Jai,

I don't feel there will be possibility of [b]unification[/b]. Because the entities are independent in their own and they alternate each other.

I can give you an example, Western and Eastern way of living. After the Globalization, Eastern Countries adopted the western way of living and we experience that. But at the same time, you can see that Western Countries (at least a part of thier people) admire the Eastern culture, philosophy etc and are adopting to the new way of living.

After sometime the whole East will be like West and vice versa...

Its just like Day and Night. It may look like they come closer in the Dawn and Dusk, but light cleans up the dark or dark covers up the light.

Its Ying-Yang....
Mohan, I would like to differ with you.I don't think Eastern world will ever become like a complete western world. To give more specific example: India is been invaded by various people but still it is maintaining its traditional face. Inspite of so much of domination by people, they couldn't change Indian culture completely.

What I have written in my blog is 'Synergy' which means 'adapting' best practices and good things from both cultures. Thats why I call it as AND phenomenon.

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