New Horizon Media – A ‘Positive’ media company

I have a strong opinion that media (Both print and non-print) in India mainly focuses on ‘Negative’ aspects and written my reflections on the same in my blog ‘Moms and Megaserials’. For quiet some time I was wondering why there is not much effort put in making a ‘Positive’ media? Recently I found a company called ‘New Horizon Media’ ( which is making ‘Positive’ attempts in that direction.

Before getting into what they do let me give some information on the people behind this company. This is started by three guys and two of them (Mr.Badri and Mr.Satya) got education from IIT Madras followed by PhD from Cornell University. These guys co-founded Cricinfo (www.cricinfo) and sold it off to Australian company ‘Wisden’. After cricinfo they are now into ‘Media’ domain and started publishing high-quality and low-cost books in regional language (Tamil). They have published about 150 books on various topics in a matter of just two years. I have just finished reading one of the books published by them and it was really good.

The attempt made this company is really good and I personally feel providing ‘positive’ information for non-urban Indians is very vital because of two reasons:

1. Majority of Indian population belong to non-urban area and English is not yet penetrated on to those areas. So providing quality books in the local language makes lot of sense. Being brought up in a town, I can very well understand the importance of providing good books in regional language.

2. The regional language publishing industry (Say for example Tamil) is not having books for today’s world. I have read excellent books on ancient literature and verses but not much books on education, globalization, business and economics. In order to ‘expose’ people into the new ‘Flat-world’ these kind of books play a very major role.

This weekend there was a ‘Book Festival’ in my home town Erode and got a chance to meet Mr.Satya in that fest. Based on my discussion with him I understand they are very well aware of the problems I have mentioned above and trying to address the problem thro their company’s vision. They have formed tie-ups with almost all major book sellers in Tamil Nadu and slowly planning to target other Indian languages as well.

I am sure this company will be successful and transform people’s life.


Neel said…
interesting info dude :)..
Yep! It is interesting.I just finished reading one of the books published by them and its really awesome. The most interesting point is the amount of path these guys have taken after their PhDs.I just can't imagine doing PhD in Cornell and selling tamil books.I think the saying 'I have taken the road less travelled and it made all the difference' suits well for these people.
Unknown said…
Cool Blog Anna..This is a new info for me. I will look into their site.
Sure! These guys are really amazing and taken a different approach to life.

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