BOOK REVIEW: The World is flat

Author: Thomas Friedman
ISBN: 0-713-99878-4

This is one of the wonderful bestseller in the recent past. This book is all about the Globalization and how it is reshaping the whole world and I would recommend this book as a MUST READ for people who are working in the knowledge industry. The author Thomas Friedman is a famous columnist in New-York times and made an extensive effort in this book to bring out the big picture of Globalization.

According to the author opening up Indian and Chinese economy has resulted in new world where everyone is enabled with huge amount of information because of the power of the Internet. Because of this the plane for competition is leveled among the different geographies made the world ‘Flat’. The author has traveled to India, China and some other Asian countries and presented the first hand information in this book. Apart from this the author has given a very good picture of how the technology is enabling various businesses.

The most interesting part of this book is the examples the author has presented in this book. Ranging from Infosys to Wal-Mart he has extensively analyzed the global trends and presented in a simple and lucid way. The author has also given the political and economic angle which played a very important role in flattening the world. I am not able to write more on this review because I want people to read this book and get the real pleasure.


Neel said…
I have heard bout this book.. wanna read it sometime :)
Neel,I would strongly recommend this book for you dude!

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