BOOK REVIEW : Vandharghal Vendrargal

Title: Vandharghal Vendrargal (Tamizh) – They came they conquered
Author: Madhan
Price: 90 INR

This is one of the well written history books that I have read till now. Basically this book talks about the Mughal history and their invasion in India. Starting from Gajini (9 AD) to Bahadoor shah (Last mughal king) Muslims ruled India for close to 800 years. Author Madhan is a cartoonist and author and been writing in the ‘Anandha Vikatan’ (Famous tamizh weekly magazine) for long time. His sense of humor shows up in every chapter and it is the main reason that makes this history book more interesting.

Basically the Mughals belong to Afghanistan and Gajini was one of the first people to come to India and take away huge amount of wealth. This is followed by various sultans and then Mughal kings. He has explained the jahangir-noorjahan, shajahan-mumthaj love stories wonderfully. Inspite of hardcore fighters it is really interesting to know about the ‘Romantic’ side of these mughal kings. Apart from explaining Babar, Humayoon, Akbar, Jhahangir, Shajahaan, Aurangazeeb he also talks about brave Rajput kings like Pritviraj. In the later part he also had written about Shivaji and his ‘Gorilla’ wars against Aurangazeeb. The author explains how Indian kings were not united because of which these attacks happened and also tries to explain the reasons behind the same. But the sad part is about the amount of people and wealth that India lost during these years. If we would have retained that wealth we would have been far wealthy and better country in the World today.


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