BOOK REVIEW : Five point someone

Title: Five point someone
Author: Chetan Bhagat
Price: 90 INR

This book is written by Chetan Bhagat about life in IITs. Three friends (Alok, Ryan and Hari) get into IIT and start thinking in wrong direction and get into all sorts of ‘funny’ things instead of focusing on studies. Finally they somehow land up in some or the other kind of jobs and starts their real lives. I normally read the non-fiction types of books and this is one of the fiction books I have read after a long long time. But I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book because it took back to my college days, which is really the best four years in my life. Anyone who read this book would get the same experience of the movie ‘Dil-chahtha-hai’.

The most important point about this book is the author has maintained the IIT ‘Lingo’ throughout the book. Every college has its own set of ‘lingo’ which is spoken only inside the college and only people who have gone through this can enjoy the ‘College-specific’ lingo. Words like insti-roof (College main building roof), Seenu (Parata server), Fatso (College slang) which is very similar to a set of terminologies like ‘Out’ (A person who had boozed and gone out of control), ‘Kela’ (Which means you are screwed or deceived), Seenu, Maamu (Set of chai-walas inside the college), ‘Koops’ (College co-operative society) which was used during my college days. Another interesting point about this book is about the description of the three main characters. I can very well relate those characters to myself and some of my college friends which makes the book more interesting one to read.

It’s been five years since I finished my college and this book has really made me think and feel those wonderful days we had in college :)


Anonymous said…
Attaboy pazham, they are such good memories
Boss said…
Jaya, But I did not find this book much interesting. But your post is good...:-)
Anonymous said…
hey..a small correction.. the books costs only 80 bucks. I know it cos I bought it today. Do remember to change the number :-).

Updated the price with 90 INR. You got it for 80 INR because of the discount :)
Gautam Krishnan said…
For everyone's kind information... The book costs rs 95 as it is its original price and can be found at the last page in ORIGINAL books and not in the duplicate books.

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