BOOK REVIEW: Yoga and Pranayama for health

Author: Dr. P. D. Sharma
Price: INR 35

This is a simple book for learning Yoga and Pranayama. Yoga and Pranayama are very ancient but powerful techniques which were invented in India. The ‘Yogis’ who were living in the Himalayas are the originators of these techniques and it came across multiple generations. Today Yoga and Pranayama techniques are scientifically proved that they cure all diseases in a ‘Natural way’. Apart from curing the diseases it also prevents body from getting new diseases. By following these techniques it is believed that ancient Yogis lived for hundreds of years.

According to ‘Pathanjali Yoga Sutra’, yoga consists of eight-stages (Yama, Niyama, Asana, Prayanama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi).For normal human beings (like me) practicing various asanas would the best thing to follow. Performing asanas helps an individual to bring ‘Mind’ ‘Body’ and ‘Soul’ into control which is the unique advantage. Various techniques like Aerobics, Gym exercises focus only the ‘Body’ aspect.

Pranayama is all to do with breathing. Following various Pranayama techniques (Brasthika, Kabhalabathi, Naadi-shodhan, Brahmari) after performing asanas is proved to give profound benefits in human being’s life. These techniques can be followed by any age group but the important point is it needs to be practiced regularly to get its full benefits. In this book various asanas and pranayama techniques are given with diagrams and the diseases they cure. I have also heard about very aggressive yoga techniques by BSK Iyengar and Shivanandha Yoga which I am yet to explore. But to start with I found this book is very helpful.


Anonymous said…
Will surely read it. Something which is of my interest:).

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