BOOK REVIEW : Success vs Joy

Title : Success Vs Joy
Author : Geet Sethi
Price : INR 95

This book is written by Geet Sethi the famous billiards player. This book is based on his thoughts and discussions with his friend Sunil Agarwal. Sethi started playing billiards when he was 13 year old and found playing billiards gave him extreme amount of ‘Joy’ than anything else. Till date he is playing the game and achieved great things in billiards. Sunil on the other hand was also interested in billiards but took a different path because of society compulsion and finished his MBA from IIM-Ahmadabad. He is a big leader in the corporate world now. He has achieved what the society calls as ‘Success’ but he is not having the ‘Joy’ feeling what Sethi felt by playing billiards. This leads to the main theme of the book: Which is important ‘Success’ or ‘Joy’?

According to Sethi ‘Success’ is doing things for other’s (Say society) sake whereas ‘Joy’ is doing things that individual’s inner self feels or in other words what an individual is passionate about. Throughout the book Sethi stresses upon following the activity which gives extreme amount of ‘Joy’ rather then doing something for what others perceive as ‘Success’. Most of us think that we need to be feel ‘Successful’ and they the ‘Joy’ part will follow and keep doing things which is not close to our hears in order to achieve ‘Success’ and never be happy in life. According to Sethi the reverse it true. By following the activity which is close to individual’s heart (In Sethi’s case its billiards) and doing it with extreme amount of ‘Joy’ the ‘Success’ will follow. He gives various examples from the sports world and explains this concept. The excellent point about this book is its very simple and easy to understand at the same time conveys an important message.

After reading multiple books on inspiration related topics I would rate this is one among the top. To read more book reviews please CLICK HERE.


Anonymous said…
ya i agree witht he thoughts of sethi.. really a very valid point..but i think it is not possible for alsidepends on family background.. i poor person can not think of just doing what he want to do..let us say playing vollyball..because he can not earn his livelihood by just playing it.he has to do some job at last..

kiran nandedkar
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a interesting topic. Would like to read it
Unknown said…
good one mate...never knew of this book..but the point mentioned is quite True.
Anonymous said…
Its really a good one for everyone specially for those who had already acheived success in earning bread and butter. This aricle/books triggers thoughts in finding what is joy in one's life, which is very personal.
Pradeep Patel
Unknown said…
Its true that a person move away his interest from joy to success becoz of the so called is true what he says...very often joys are compressed by success.....
Hi Sadiqua, you are very true. Especially in Indian society we don't do things for Joy but for the 'so-called' success and ultimately remain unhappy.
Unknown said…
the day i read this book, it was all done for me. after a series of self-help & inspirational books, this one was the last on my bookshelf. i need no more. thanx a ton to geet sethi for writing such a splendous book.

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