Books - My first love

I have fallen in deep love with books particularly in the past three and a half years. Had a discussion with one of my friends on book reading and posting that here..

My mother normally quotes "Books are windows to the world of wisdom".In the past 3.5 years I have been reading 'religiously' almost on a daily basis I don't read any particular day I feel something is missing in my life thinking how much amount of impact books reading makes in any individualism you put in simple mathematics, assume that anyone reads 6 pages a day for 3.5 years (365*3.5*6) it works out to be 7665pages.Even if you remember 10% of the knowledge and implement it is 766pages.What it actually means is, books provide you knowledge by which can intuitively predict the future eliminates the fact that you should have 'experience' to do anything in life you closely observable can make lot of sense out of what other elders sebaceous you gained a knowledge at a young age by reading they gained by their life time you are able to gain it from books. I also see in a globalization,knowledge world it is very important to readout's happening in the world gives you a 'connected' feeling see most of the successful people that I know of are passionate about reading and they are virtuous readers irrespective of their busy life.

Also I have personally seen some of merely-life role models have this habit of reading. In order to keep the reading habit going I have tried and formed the following habit and it works out wonderful.

  • Make book buying as a regular activity like you buy grocery book shops frequently helps to keep updated with latest books.
  • Read the "books review" section in famous magazines would help to get a review of books.
  • When special occasions (Like b'day,anniversary etc..) give and takebooks as gifts. I always ask my mother to buy me books on my b'days forthe past two years instead of dress or money. This keeps the ballrolling.
  • When you are reading the books try to change topics between twosuccessive books.My cycle is Business-->Philosophy-->Investing-->Technial-->Some comedy book and thenback to business book.This will help you not to get bored with same kindof books.
  • Start maintaining a learning log (I am maintaining one) in which you cannote down some 'top-learnings' from a particular book and keeprefreshing it as and when time permits.- Finally we are in the 'Information Age' where knowledge is power andbooks are very good source of providing knowledge.


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