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'Ji Huzur!' to 'Whats up dude?'

Its really amazing the kind amazing to see various work cultures existing in India and more interesting thing is they all exist in the same period of time.To give a clear idea image the following three scenes: Scene 1: Government office, Erode, Tamilnadu The government officer gets out of the car, a peon goes and opens his door. He is wearing a white color dress and says 'Vanakkam Aiya' (Ji Huzur) and bows his head towards his superior.He carries his suit case and leaves his superior at his room and stands behind him as a salve.Here the work culture is of '17th century' (British style) Scene 2: Manufacturing firm, Chennnai All employees come on time and made to work very hard. They hardly sit and work.They call their superious 'Sir' but no bowing head.Here the work culture is of '18th century' (Industrial revolution style) Scene 3: Sofware firm, Bangalore Engineer walks in jean and T-shirt and watches his manager is walking in the floor.This 25 year o

Books - My first love

I have fallen in deep love with books particularly in the past three and a half years. Had a discussion with one of my friends on book reading and posting that here.. My mother normally quotes "Books are windows to the world of wisdom".In the past 3.5 years I have been reading 'religiously' almost on a daily basis I don't read any particular day I feel something is missing in my life thinking how much amount of impact books reading makes in any individualism you put in simple mathematics, assume that anyone reads 6 pages a day for 3.5 years (365*3.5*6) it works out to be 7665pages.Even if you remember 10% of the knowledge and implement it is 766pages.What it actually means is, books provide you knowledge by which can intuitively predict the future eliminates the fact that you should have 'experience' to do anything in life you closely observable can make lot of sense out of what other elders sebaceous you gained a knowledge at a young age by reading they

Products from India: Myth or Reality ?

For quiet some time I was thinking of what does it take to build companies out of India I am passionate about this I thought about this and observed some of the happenings around me and I found the following: Questions in my mind: 1. To get a feel of what does it take to build a company in India. 2. To get a feeling about how to attract domestic customers ? 3. To know more about what sort of products that sell in domestic markets? 4. All these days we have been doing good amount of 'Services' work from India. What about products? What does it take to build a another 'Product building' Infosys from India ? 5. What does it take to create a eco-system by which we can attract India's best talent and create shared wealth. 6. Contribute back to the society from the wealth we generate out of the business. Here is what I found: From the product angle: 1. The consumer market in India has got a very limited purchasing power. Whatever we see in cities like Bangalore is

I am back

After almost an year I am back to writing blogs. This time I am determined to continue blogging on my favorite areas.

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