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Indian Budget 2005-2006

Couple of days back India's current finance minister P.Chidhambaram presented the union budget. Chidhambaram, a Harward university graduate through his budget made it clear that Indian economy is integral part of the world economy. This time it is been a "Spree" for salaried class employees. Myself and many of my friends end up "Saving" 30K Indian rupees per year. This shows how reforms are now making the salaried class move up in the economic chain. Also from this year he is going to introduce Value Added Tax (VAT) which is expected to bring down the corruption as far as sales tax is concerened. Not but not the least Chidhambaram's orgin belongs to a small village called Kandanur in south tamilnadu, where my mother born and brought up. In fact Chidhambaram studied in the school where my grandfather also worked as a teacher close to 30 years.