Vinod Dam - Father of Pentium

Over the weekend I was reading some article about Vinod Dam who is called the "Father of Pentium Processor".When Dam started his career he was hired as an Engineer in Intel mainly working on EEPROMs (In those days Intel wasvery famous for its memory components rather than processors). Dam was having a natural "passion" towards the micro-processors and asked his manager for a team change from the EEPROM to the Micro-processor team (May be he
would have said to his manager "I am doing a junk work bla…bla…bla..." !!). Dam's manager was not OK with him moving out of the team (May be he would have said "You are a critical resource for the existing team bla..bla…bla..."). But Dam went and spoke to the manager of the "Processor" team and told him that he will work for the Processor team apart from his normal work as an external consultant. When the x386 went for production it had a serious
problem which could eventually can stop the shipment to customers. But Dam saw an oppurtunity there and he fixed the problem by working day and night apart from normal work. Slowly he went into the processor team and he worked for x486 and "Pentium"
processors. And we very well know what Pentium processors did to the computing world !


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