Heavy price

The topics related to economics is becoming very interesting area for me nowadays and I am making some serious attempts to know more about the world economy. When the western world went for "Industrialization" during the 17th and 18th centuries, my country India was looted left and right. Other than that when India got independence in 1947 our leaders went for a "close" trade policy and killed the entrepreneurship instincts of Indians because of which many generations suffered a lot. After opening up the Indian economy in 1991, my generation is able to see lots of FII and "Open" trade, which is helping many Indians to accumulate wealth. From the so called "Third world" my country is transforming slowly and moving towards becoming a developed country.

Because of the closed economy and the "Socialistic Democracy" policies of the govenment many of my previous generations have suffered which is a heavy price we have to pay for mistakes our leaders have made.


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